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My practice as a glassmaker is now mainly centred on warm glass – fusing, slumping and casting.

Initially, work was concerned with the materiality of glass, exploiting its transparency and colour and interaction with light. More recently, however, I have been exploring form, surface markings and texture, with particular reference to the way in which different glasses react when they touch. I am interested in lines which make connections but, at the same time, form boundaries and I have used this contrast to investigate questions of identity and belonging.

I am also interested in blurring perceptions of the differences between glass and ceramics. I have tried to borrow the opacity and handmade qualities of the ceramic pot, while retaining the vivid colours and highly glazed finish that are associated with glass.

My latest project, a larger installation, has involved working with other materials and techniques. Water-jet cut copper sheet provides a framework for my glass and smaller etched and enamelled areas of copper.